Based in the South East, Better Pictures was founded on a love of audio fiction in all its forms, and a need to push the boundaries of the medium. After all, the pictures are always better on radio.

I'm Phoebe Izzard Davey, Goldsmiths grad and general sound fanatic. As well as producing my own work, I'd love to work with you on your project too! With experience in every part of audio production, from writing and directing to editing and foley, I'm here to make your sound stand out.

Bones of the Land is out NOW!

When all is stripped away, the bones of the land remain...

A fantasy anthology podcast from the minds of Amelia Chisholm and Stasi Dimitrova. Delightfully spooky and hauntingly beautiful, this collaboration between Better Pictures and Mount Pleasant Productions looks at compassion, faith, and history through a fantastical, ponderous lens.

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